If you know a really bright 7th grader whod set the world on fire if she/he only had the opportunity, read on!


Scholarship for Academically Talented 7th Graders


The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is offering students the opportunity to apply for their Young Scholars Program.  As the manager of community outreach for the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, I want to make sure as many groups, organizations, individuals, and parents as possible become aware of this opportunity. The Foundation provides exceptional students with individualized educational guidance and educational services, which could include tutors, summer programs, on-line classes, computers, and tuition throughout high school.


The Young Scholars Program is highly competitive and attracts outstanding applicants from across the United States. 

The specific criteria for consideration are:

Current 7th grade students

Strong academic record, awards/honors, teacher recommendation

Financial need

Motivation, Leadership

An appreciation for the arts, music, literature, or similar fields


Application materials will become available on the Foundation's website at www.jackkentcookefoundation.org along with more information about the Foundation itself in early February.  Candidates must submit their completed application, with all materials specified in the program guidelines, by the receipt deadline of May 1, 2007.


If you or someone from your organization needs more information or have questions about the Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program, please don't hesitate to contact me at 1-847-491-7127.  We would like as many qualified individuals to take part in this rare opportunity as possible.




Tammie Stewart

Manager of Community Outreach

Center for Talent Development

Northwestern University


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